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We provide clients with comprehensive receivable management with an efficient recovery process from the reminder service, through the pretrial stage of work to debt collection in court. We also carry out restructuring and purchase of receivables.

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We are one of the largest Czech debt collection agencies based in Prague, with an operating center in Jeseník and branches around the world.

Our clients are banks, insurance companies, telephone operators, energy suppliers and other companies for whom we provide debt collection.

The history of the company began in 1996, when the company MBA Consulting was established in Prague, specializing in debt collection of B2B receivables.


The company gradually expanded. In 2005 was established M.B.A. Finance, which quickly became the market leader in the management and debt collection of retail receivables.

In 2008, a new stage of company development began under the brand of MBA EMPIRE – expantion abroad.

15 countries

In 2018, the company was transformed into the global group of MBA Consult, which manages receivables and manages credit risks in 15 countries around the world. It employs 3,000 specialists who provide services to more than 550 corporate clients. During the Group’s existence, we have processed over 80 million debtor cases, and have returned more than $ 2 billion for clients.

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Head office


$2 billion

returned to our clients

7,5 million

debtor problems solved

Over 80 million

unique debtors’ cases at work

Over $6,3 billion

of assets under management

Over 550

corporate clients

28 years

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call centers

Our world

15 countries

16 call centres

20 languages

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Social Responsibility

In our work we value people with all their hopes, doubts, problems and desires. Behind all debts, credits, financial law and hundreds of daily negotiations we see, first of all, a common person with his desire to be happy.
Trust is priceless. Our Social Responsibility Policy is one more way to thank everybody who have already started cooperation with us or those who are about to start it for the first time. Read more about our Social Responsibility program.

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Debtor Relations

What did you dream of as a child? What are you dreaming of now? We believe that a debtor is a person who one day decided to improve his life. We appreciate it. Moreover, we would like to assist debtors to both solve their current problems and make their dreams come true.
We cannot do everything, but we can do a lot. Let us discuss the opportunities MBA Consult can offer you!

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