M.B.A. Empire branches unite under MBA Consult brand

M.B.A. Empire announces unification of companies under the single MBA Consult brand in consequence of structural changes at all business levels. The company consolidates 22 years of international credit management experience to offer unique solutions in delinquent loan portfolio management, bring the company philosophy to a new level, and state the universal mission – evolution of the global financial system.

“Market opportunities and strategic challenges demanded us to introduce new solutions in both areas: consolidation of resources, and visual perception of the company. The new corporate style is closer to our values, it embodies our philosophy, mission and the “global synergy” concept”, – commented Viktor Vodenko, Global CEO.

We started considering elaboration of a new universal mission in the end of 2013, at the time when our first branches were launched in Asia. The first call centers in China and India opened doors to unlimited opportunities to carry out projects in various fields of financial sector. We understood that working in the Asian market would require new solutions and technologies. We came to a part of the world, where more than a half of the Earth population lives, and we need to make a revolution in all our business processes in order to succeed here. Then we started working. As a result, we opened headquarters in Singapore, launched 8 call centers in China, India, Indonesia and Philippines, reached $1 billion collection for our clients with $4 billion assets under the company management, designed cession modes of work for clients and investors, introduced unique know-how and “Behavioral scoring” in operations in all areas of presence. Most importantly, we created a team of true professionals, unifying the best market experts from all over the world. The team, capable of solving complex tasks, inspired us to develop MBA Consult brand with its new philosophy and global strategy.

Today the day has come, when we are ready to share the result of our work with you. The new corporate style, website and philosophy, new ways of solving old tasks with delinquent loans and portfolio purchasing – everything has started working for the benefit of our joint projects. There is still a lot of work ahead. Rebranding is just the first step.

We are yet to tell the market and bring to life the “global synergy” concept and “an opportunity call” function for millions of ordinary people and the largest transnational companies, create a platform for financial literacy improvement and enhancement of regional legislation in the field of finance, integrate solutions that we were developing since several years at all business levels, and as a result, start the process of evolution of the global financial system together with our partners.

We chose our path. We are sure that it will bring us to success. We will be glad if our paths will cross.

Sincerely, the MBA Consult team


Follow the link to find an interview with Viktor Vodenko, the Global CEO of MBA Consult about assets consolidation, rebranding and future plans.


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